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Update on Asia


Beijing Airport has decided for the CX-100 of Bombardier.

Zentraler Knoten von Incheon International Airport

In between we completed the Final Design Review of the Incheon APM System.

On time, in detail, typically Korean.


Still major Activities in Asia


The projects in China and Korea are developing.

Baustelle BCIA Terminal 3

While Beijing is just deciding for the people-mover supplier, Seoul already performed the preliminary "System Design Review" with our assistance.

At Incheon International Airport the new Crystal Mover of Mitsubishi will be put into service. We will support the client IIAC through the next phases of this project.


Beijing - 北京


Terminal 3The new gate to China is designed by Sir Norman Foster.

The airport for the olympic games in 2008.

The challenge for the new Terminal 3 will be to withstand the enormous growth of passenger traffic.

We are planning the automated people-mover (APM) - the backbone of the buildings.


Seoul - 서울


Another airport project:

This time we are called to South Korea! The new Airport for Seoul - Incheon International Airport - has given our cooperation partner a work order, to evaluate the proposals for the planned automated people-mover (APM).

Now we are onboard again, doing the same work, we did already for Zurich and Madrid.

This project gave us an entrance to the asian market, and Incheon International is a super airport!


Frankfurt am Main


Another project at Frankfurt Airport:

We assisted our cooperation partner doing the preliminary design of the "Sky-Line" extension to the new planned Terminal 3.


Frankfurt am Main


A small project at Frankfurt Airport:

We defined the evacuation concept for the planned extension of the "Sky-Line" automated people-mover.

We already did this for the Zurich people-mover, so it was not a big issue for us.


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