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Our Services


If You need independent consultants

We offer competent consultation to you by our independent, internationally experienced logistics specialists.

Whether it is luggage transport or passenger transfer (people movers) on airports or vehicle dispatching and organization in industrial enterprises our specialists would be glad to support You.



If You need experienced engineers

Our engineers deliver responsable planning services through all phases of Your project, no matter if You start building, expand Your facilities or do a system optimization.

We would be glad to assist You from the preliminary design up to the realisation of Your project.


Project Management

If You need qualified managers

We offer the management skills to guide You and all other project parties through the project.

We will develop the program and keep track of the costs from the preliminary design through contract negotiations up to realisation of your project and operation of your system.



If You need specialized technicians

Our technicians would be glad to support You through all phases of the development of Your innovative product.

Use our know-how or let us introduce You to the specialists for Your product from the idea through the patent search up to the realisation on production level.


ITE-Nicolaus-Consult GmbH has been founded in 1992 by Thorsten Nicolaus and ITE Intertechnik Elze.

We are a consulting company focused on logistics.

Our markets are airports, transportation and industry enterprises.

Our special know-how is for passenger and baggage transportation on airports and transportation logistics in the industry.